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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About FindMyJeweler

About Buying Jewelry and Diamonds

About FindMyJeweler

READ FIRST: How does FindMyJeweler work?

FindMyJeweler helps you find a reputable, competitive diamond jeweler in your neighborhood, so you can enjoy the benefits of buying locally. After you sign up, we will provide you with the contact information of one or more of the jewelers in your area that meet our strict criteria. We will also ask the jewelers to contact you directly, so you can ask questions and make an appointment once you're ready to look at actual jewelry. When you're ready to make your purchase, you will do so knowing that your jeweler has been tested and screened by FindMyJeweler's staff of jewelry experts.

How does FindMyJeweler make money?

FindMyJeweler is completely free to consumers. The jewelers cover the costs.

Please note that it is only after they get selected by our staff of "secret shoppers" that jewelers are given the option to join FindMyJeweler. Jewelers cannot "buy" their way into FindMyJeweler.

FindMyJeweler's unique win-win approach benefits the consumer and the jeweler at the same time:

CONSUMER WINS: We Test to find the Best. All jewelers are rigorously tested, using our "secret shopper" tests and vast experience in the jewelry industry. Less than 1% of jewelers make the cut. If a jeweler does not pass, we simply pass them by, and they do not appear on FindMyJeweler. We believe that if a jeweler cannot offer the kind of service, knowledge, and prices needed to please an informed customer like you, then no one wins. Result: You learn about a jeweler that is truly qualified to guide you and offer excellent service and value.

JEWELER WINS: For the few jewelers that do get invited to join FindMyJeweler, we connect them with nearby potential customers. Result: The jeweler receives a steady stream of consumers, which enables the jeweler to focus on doing what they do best (offer extraordinary value, expertise, and service to consumers) and not on silly marketing gimmicks.

How does FindMyJeweler test jewelers?

The foundation of our screening process involves a "secret shopper" test, performed by one of FindMyJeweler's staff of jewelry experts (which includes a former diamond dealer). To learn more about our rigorous tests, click here.

What is a "secret shopper" test?

The secret shopper test begins by contacting the jeweler by phone or walking into a store, and asking the salesperson for help in deciding on the best quality/price/size of diamond for an engagement ring. Our staff member chooses, for example, a 1.00 carat, G color, VS2 clarity, ideal cut, round brilliant shape diamond. If the initial price quoted by the salesperson does not fall within the predetermined range of appropriate competitive pricing for the offered diamond, the jeweler is eliminated from further consideration. The test continues from there, and includes selection, expertise, service, and many other factors.

How many jewelers are tested in each city?

We try to test the majority of jewelers in a given city that meet our initial screening criteria (for example, we usually don't test mall-based or chain jewelers). The actual number varies depending on the size of the city.

Will FindMyJeweler use my email for anything else?

Absolutely not. Our Privacy Policy prohibits us from releasing your e-mail address to anyone but the jewelers that match your search. FindMyJeweler is committed to respecting and maintaining your privacy.

How long has FindMyJeweler been around?

Since 1999, (at that time offered as "Jeweler Match" from our sister website has been helping people connect with reputable jewelers in their local area. We have earned the trust and praise of thousands of jewelry consumers since that time. Read what our visitors are saying about FindMyJeweler.

About Buying Jewelry and Diamonds

READ FIRST: How does FindMyJeweler help me buy jewelry?

Opening up the Yellow Pages and looking for the "right" jeweler to trust with your special needs can be daunting at best. How will you know which companies truly offer the best quality and the best value for your money?

We've already done the work! Our experts have already researched most stores in many metro areas. We look for helpful, patient, and knowledgeable jewelers with the highest standards for customer service, friendliness, selection, quality, product knowledge, and value.

Here is how to make FindMyJeweler work for you:

1. Sign up for a FindMyJeweler membership (it's free!). Registered users receive access to a list of "Best Jewelers" in their area, complete with a full report on each jeweler. Each report summarizes the results of our rigorous "secret shopper" tests, where members of our staff call jewelers and pose as "picky customers", asking tough questions to assess the expertise, ethics, and policies of each jeweler. It is this way that we help you find the right jeweler for your special purchase.

2. Call and ask questions. Make an appointment to hold actual jewelry in your hand and see actual diamonds and gemstones under a microscope, because that is the only way to learn what you want. You need to go beyond the stats and details you see on web sites, and make decisions based on what you see in person. Then ask about different choices for settings, etc. All FindMyJeweler-recommended jewelers are required to answer your questions and provide a no-pressure, educational environment.

3. Make your purchase. And do so with confidence, knowing that a FindMyJeweler jewelry expert has screened and tested your jeweler. Your jeweler will likely be one of the top jewelers in your area, offering the highest level of integrity, customer service, selection, quality, and product knowledge, all at the most competitive prices.

4. Rate the jeweler. After you complete your purchase, we will ask you to rate the jeweler. We use this information to continuously monitor the quality of the jewelers in our network. By completing our survey, you help us help future consumers.

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How do I find an oustanding local jeweler?

The easiest way is to use FindMyJeweler. Just begin a search and we'll take care of the rest.

If you want to go about this task on your own, we recommend you apply our rigorous "secret shopper" testing methodology to as many jewelers as you possibly can. If you are purchasing a diamond, we also recommend you read our diamond tutorial in its entirety to have a cursory knowledge of diamonds. Our chief diamond expert has over 10 years of direct experience in the diamond industry, and applies the "secret shopper" methodology to nearly all jewelers within a given metro area.

Why is it so important to find an oustanding local jeweler?

If you are a first-time buyer of fine jewelry, you will undoubtedly be anxious about investing a significant amount of money and will want to ensure you get the most value for your hard-earned money. An outstanding local jeweler will work with you to find exactly what you want, at the right price that meets your budget. An outstanding local jeweler will be there through the years to help you clean and maintain your jewelry. An outstanding local jeweler will help you find the perfect jewelry gift to commemorate special times in your life.

How critical is it to see a diamond before buying it?

Given the amount of money you're investing, and the commitment and mutual feelings that your diamond will symbolize, it is critical to physically examine your diamond before purchasing it. Use the 'specs' -- the table sizes, depth percentages, etc. -- as a guide to narrow your search. But in the end, be sure to look at several stones under a microscope, under indoor lighting, and outside during daylight. Trust your eyes to make the final decision.

Likewise, if you are purchasing an engagement ring, it is highly unlikely that you'll be able to select an appropriate setting from the Internet. You will need to examine a number of settings, in person. Ask the jeweler to place the diamond of your choice on several settings, and go with the 'look' that pleases you!

Why is it important to compare several diamonds before choosing one?

Comparing several stones under a microscope is the best way to learn the intricacies of diamonds, which is required to make a good purchase decision. Ask your jeweler to point out different features and flaws of different stones, until you're able to recognize some of these on your own.

What type of expertise does FindMyJeweler have in terms of diamonds and pricing?

Our in-house group of diamond experts are led by Robert Hensley, a former diamond dealer and manager for several high-volume retail jewelers, a GIA-certified diamond grader, and the creator of the "secret shopper" tests. Robert's ability to find top quality jewelers comes from his 12 years of experience dealing with many members of the diamond industry, and from helping thousands of consumers find the perfect diamond jewelry for their tastes and budget.

How can I learn about diamonds and get my questions answered?

FindMyJeweler offers three different ways to educate you on your important purchase decision:

1. Our experts will help you individually. We understand that first-time buyers may be intimidated... so in addition to introducing you to local diamond jewelers that have exceeded our strict criteria, registered FindMyJeweler users also receive free, personalized assistance from our diamond experts. We can help you compare diamonds, assess prices, help you with settings, or answer just about any other question. This assistance is free.

2. The jewelers we recommend are screened and instructed to assist you. This is one of the many criteria we use to select jewelers. As part of the great value they provide, our jewelers will:

  • Answer your questions
  • Show you different diamonds under a microscope and with color-corrected lighting
  • Teach you how to examine diamonds using a loupe
  • Show you how different diamonds look with different settings
  • Make recommendations based on the latest trends and styles
  • Provide you with a comfortable, no-pressure environment so you can make an intelligent decision about your purchase.

3. Our website. contains free, in-depth diamond tutorials and other useful tools to help you with your purchase. Be sure to take advantage of these resources.

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