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"You were totally helpful - I took your advice and went to the jeweler you recommended and am now wearing a beautiful engagement ring from that jeweler - it was just what I wanted. I think that is fantastic!"
- Jenni (Irvine, CA)

"You were an awesome helper. We couldn't have survived the experience without you. Thanks again."
- Terri (New York, NY)

"Scott's personal commitment to customer satisfaction was commendable. I wish I could get service like that in all my business transactions. Thanks for the recommendation."
- Don (St. Louis, MO)

"Loved your recommendation, and now when I look back I feel that if I didn't know about, I would've gotten ripped off. Courteous, very helpful, and they take the time to teach you about diamonds.
- Andre (Boston, MA)

"I wanted to thank your group for putting me in touch with [your recommended Atlanta diamond specialist]. Although my purchase was small in $'s to what is probably sold by them, he was very helpful and always made me feel that my purchase was important. If I have the cash and the need I will go back."
- Reed (Atlanta, GA)

"I just wanted to tell you what a great job Tony Rixom at [your recommended Atlanta diamond specialist] did for me. Not only did my fiancee love it the appraiser said I did an excellent job. Tony went out of his way to Fed-Ex it to me while on vacation. I'm sure he treats all his clients with this same degree of quality service. Thank you again for your help."
- Richard (Atlanta, GA)

"Aline was everything you made her out to be - knowledgeable, honest, extremely helpful. I couldn't be more pleased with the way she handled me as a customer. She showed me the differences between quality grades, cuts, and colors in a very straightforward way - it was very very clear that she was not trying to sell me more than I could afford(!). As you may have guessed, I didn't feel the need to continue shopping around - I was extremely satisfied with the deal she gave me on a beautiful stone (I actually came in a little under budget!). I can't say enough how helpful your service has been and how excellent my diamond-buying trip was with Aline. Thank you so much!"
- Doug (Boston, MA)

"Just to let you know, my husband and I went to see Massey at [your recommended Philadelphia diamond specialist] over the weekend. He was very very helpful, spent a lot of time with us trying to come up with the right diamonds. Thanks so much for your help."
- Jean (Philadelphia, PA)

"I'd done all of my research through the internet thus far and wanted to make sure that the jeweler I worked with would be someone that I could trust, and their knowledge, experience, and desire to make sure that I found exactly the type of stone that I needed was greatly appreciated."
- John (Atlanta, GA)

"We went on Sat and met with Malcolm. He was very nice and helpful-- he spent probably 1 1/2 hours or so with us and even stayed after hours to explain things further."
- Kelly (Atlanta, GA)

"Extremely helpful!"
- Sarah (Denver, CO)

"I purchased my diamond from Aline this afternoon, what an incredible experience... I want to personally thank you for your excellent advice and support, it was well above the call of duty! Aline was very pleasant and informative, I did shop around a bit, but found her to be the most informative and honest jeweler I visited. I truly feel I got the best deal and the most beautiful diamond I saw..."
- Shane (Boston, MA)

"First, I would like to thank you for your help. My engagement went off without a hitch. Scott with [your recommended Atlanta diamond specialist] is fantastic. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. Again, I can't tell you how much your help made this experience enjoyable for me. Keep up the good work!"
- Mike (Atlanta, GA)

"You are too sweet. You have been a HUGE help and I can't thank you enough."
- Krista (Chicago, IL)

"Thanks for your helpful tips and for recommending [your recommended New York diamond specialist]. I called Frank on Monday and told him what I wanted. He found a perfect match, and I went in and purchased the ring that day. I had the ring in my hand by Wednesday afternoon."
- Scott (New York, NY)

"You gave me a referral to a jeweler in Boston about 2 mos ago. I found Aline to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to work with. The diamond I got was gorgeous (I'm so glad I educated myself on the aspects of shopping for them first!) and great quality. Thanks for your help! The ring is beautiful, and it was a great experience."
- Kathy (Boston, MA)

"Jay was really helpful as I was continually bombarding him with novice questions about selecting a diamond. He pulled out a chart and several different diamonds showing me how the physical characteristics of the actual diamond compared with the rating assigned to each of the diamonds. So I was really pleased with his helpfulness and expertise."
- Aaron (San Francisco, CA)

"I can't imagine going anywhere else on jeweler's row, Phila, PA, than [your recommended Philadelphia diamond specialist]. The manager, Massimino Russello, was extremely helpful from first contact. He responded promptly and with detail to my e-mail inquiry regarding the diamond and mountings I was interested in. During our visit to the store, Mr. Russello spent a very patient 2.5 hours with my fiancee and I, making us feel comfortable, putting us at ease, giving thorough explanations of all aspects of diamonds and engagement rings, showing stones that matched our specifications, and was considerate about not bringing out diamonds that might not fit our budget unless we agreed - never trying to push us in any direction."
- Julia (Philadelphia, PA)

"You referred me to [your recommended DENVER diamond specialist]. They were extremely responsive, helpful and informative. Based on their excellent service and interest in my business, I did purchase a diamond pendant from them. They also gave me a very reasonable and fair price. I would recommend them highly to others."
- Dave (Denver, CO)

No Pressure to Buy:

"Thank you so much for your help! My boyfriend and I visited [your recommended Chicago diamond specialist] on our way out of town on Friday and decided to buy the diamond there. The people there were helpful and didn't put any pressure on us to make a decision."
- Katy (Chicago, IL)

"When I first walked in I was greeted by Aline, who gave me 1 and a half hour lesson of the diamond I wanted. I noticed at the end of the conversation that she didn't pressure me, that was very important to me cause I don't like to be pressured into making a decision as big as this one. (Most of the five stores I went to I felt pressured to buy)."
- Andre (Boston, MA)

"I want to thank you from the bottom off my heart for the diamond Jeweler you referred me to at [your recommended New York diamond specialist]. Steve invited us into his office to view several diamonds. He did not pressure us and he was very informative. Thank You"
- Candace (New York, NY)

"Yes I was referring to Steve at [your recommended New York diamond specialist]. He's a gentleman and a credit to the industry. No pressure or sales tactics. He told me on several occasions that it was, "okay if I bought somewhere else if I couldn't find what I wanted there". He didn't try to upsell me, I could tell he only wanted to sell me what I was looking for. I know where I'll be recommending people."
- Mark (New York, NY)

"The explanation of the diamond buying process was very helpful. Very friendly, down-to-earth, and honest. No pressure to buy, but I was given a good lesson in well-cut diamonds. I visited other jewelers (even in the NY diamond district), but went back to him because of his honesty, knowledge, and confidence in his product."
- Eric Sokolove (Washington, DC)

"Robert, Thanks for your offer of help. Like you recommended, we spent a lot of time looking at different stones under the microscope. That really helped me see the differences in the Clarity ratings. It was a very low pressure and educational morning and I actually spent a few hundred dollars less than I had budgeted."
- Gordon (New York, NY)

Honesty and Integrity:

"I saw Massey Saturday morning, and I have to say, he was everything that I had hoped for and that much more. He's a great guy, very honest, and obviously very knowledgeable on diamonds. I can honestly say that before I spoke with you and Massey, I was very apprehensive about buying a diamond, and it has really turned into a great experience. Thanks again, and I'll be in touch soon!"
- Chris (Philadelphia PA)

"I had been searching for an engagement ring for about 2 months and the end result was confusion. I cut through the confusion after talking with Robert; I realized the most important part of finding a diamond is finding a trustworthy jeweler. They were great. Competitive, provided great advice, quick. It was great."
- Robert (Boston, MA)

"I want to let you know wbout my experience with [your recommended New York diamond specialist] - They were very friendly, courteous, educational, and patient. They happily fielded all my specific questions. I went into this process unwilling to trust anyone, and they proved me wrong. Thanks."
- Peter (New York, NY)

"I am not a rich man, and the money I spend for the diamond in upcoming month or two, will be a lot to me. Honesty is no 1 criteria for my jeweller, and you have helped on this. I actually heard about [your recommended online diamond specialist] before, from a satisfied customer. You just confirmed that, making my choice easy. Thank you again."
- Petri (Montreal, CANADA)

Competitive Prices:

"Robert, I want to personally thank you! You saved me some money, thanks again!
- Arthur (Fort Washington, PA)

"Wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, prices comparable to the reputable websites, fun to meet, a wonderful character, I am thrilled that I was directed to them and glad to have purchased a diamond. Thank you!"
-Rick (Boston, MA)

"David [the FindMyJeweler-recommended jeweler] had certified stones matching my needs and very competitive prices. Also he was local, which will be convenient for cleanings, etc."
- Scott (Redlands, CA)

"Thank you very much. The dealer in Houston that you guys recommended has already helped me. I was able to find something of higher quality than I had expected. You guys were a big help. Thank you."
- Jeremy (Houston, TX)

"I wanted to thank you for all the advice and information you have provided in regards to purchasing a diamond. Aline from [your recommended Boston diamond specialist] knew exactly what I was looking for and had something in stock that she felt I would be very happy with. She even quoted me a price that I thought was too good to be true. They were very friendly, professional and informative. After looking and comparing with many jewelers I felt I purchased a much nicer stone for the money than what I had been looking at."
- Lucia (Boston, MA)

Informative and Patient:

"Wonderful service for a diamond novice like me! I had a lot to learn about diamonds, and the jeweler you recommended was patient enough to teach me diamonds 101 in a no-pressure environment. I couldn't have asked for better service."
- Tom (Atlanta, GA)

"Without, my fiance and I would of been lost when shopping for my engagement ring. helped us be smart shoppers. We feel we received more than enough information. Informative, listened, competitively priced. I was very pleased with the help provided to me by [your recommended San Francisco diamond specialist], Jay was very helpful and informative. I walked away a very satisfied customer."
- Angela (San Francisco, CA)

"Aline called me shortly after I visited your website, and I bought a diamond ring from her the next day. You have made a good choice in selecting her company. She was responsive, personable, honest, qualified, informative, and PATIENT."
- Dave (Boston, MA)

Our Thorough Research and Testing:

"You really did your homework with [your recommended Los Angeles diamond specialist]!! He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and of the highest integrity that I've seen after visiting over 35 jewelers on our hunt. He had huge selection, all 25% below the best price I found in my extensive search. He blew away my wildest expectations. BRAVO!"
- Deborah (Irvine, CA)

"[Your recommended Philadelphia diamond specialist] & Massey were everything your FindMyJeweler recommendation said. I wanted you to know how much you helped my fiance and I, and how thrilled we are with our purchase and our whole experience. I don't think we would have ever found [your recommended Philadelphia diamond specialist], it would have been hit or miss for us on jeweler's row - yikes."
- Julia (Philadelphia, PA)

"Very friendly, down-to-earth, and honest. No pressure to buy, but I was given a good lesson in well-cut diamonds. I visited other jewelers (even in the NY diamond district), but went back to him because of his honesty, knowledge, and confidence in his product."
- Eric Sokolove (Washington, DC)

"Your knowledge of the dealers in my area was very impressive!"
- Steve (Los Angeles, CA)

"Garry turned out to be everything you said he would be: knowledgeable, friendly, very open with information, and very helpful in trying to put together exactly what I wanted. I am very well pleased with my experience with him and [your recommended Chicago diamond specialist]. From a pleased and grateful shopper."
- David (Chicago, IL)

"It was nice to have a referral from someone knowledgeable. Nicole was very helpful, patient - and seemed to do her best to give me the best deal. Seemed to have the best price for diamonds. Sales person was very accomodating, and patient."
- Jeremy (Seattle, WA)

"I really appreciate your advice. I've done the rounds at mall jewelry stores and some other jewelery stores that seemed nice, but once you got in, you realized how little they knew about the stones, or that they made it pretty clear that it was a high-pressure sales thing. As you said, expect the best from the best - and Massey has definitely given me that impression! Especially on a purchase this important and meaningful, I'm much more comfortable with a reputable jeweler. Thanks again, and I'll keep you updated on my progess!"
- Chris (Philadelphia, PA)

"Without your help I'm sure we never would have found this one. There are so many diamond brokers in the area of Chicago, and I doubt we would have had the confidence to buy from any of them. So, having the reference definitely helped. You were definitely right that deciding where to buy then waiting for them to help you is the best way to go! Thanks again"
- Katy (Chicago, IL)

"Massey... seems like a great guy, and is very straightforward. I see what you mean about places like Bailey, Banks and Biddle - while it's nice that they're "high end" stores, I'd much rather go to someone like Massey and know that I'm getting a great deal, great ring, and excellent service rather than take the chance of "thinking" I'm getting a deal on a diamond from one of the other stores and not actually getting one. Thanks again for all your help, and I'll let you know how things go tomorrow!"
- Chris (Philadelphia, PA)

"Thanks for your help regarding the diamond earrings. I bought them from [your recommended Los Angeles diamond specialist]. After looking at over 10 different jewelers I believe this was a great choice. I studied up on all of the things I should look for and decided that [your recommend Los Angeles diamond specialist] outshined everyone else. Thanks for your help. You provided a great resource and saved me a lot of hassle."
- Donald (Irvine, CA)

Our Diamond Tutorials:

"Your 'How to Buy Diamonds' articles are simply terrific. I have learned more from them than I did working for a large chain jewelry store for a couple of years (selling diamonds). After finishing all of your lessons -- I will be purchasing a three diamond anniversary ring from them. I will definitely be much better informed..."
- Rodney (Alabama)

"Thanks Robert! Your info is extremely helpful. I will be sure to recommend your site to friends that may be looking into diamond purchases."
- Johnny (Chicago, IL)

"The research available through the 'How to Buy your Diamond' really helped me do my homework. I'm really glad I went this route, rather than buy an inferior stone, from some chain store in a mall."
- Gordon (New York, NY)

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